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Vehicle Registration

Technical Testing

Vehicle Insurance

Vehicle Repairing

Welcome To
Regent Car Registration
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All the Services You Will Ever Need For Your Car Is Now Just One Call Away!

Founded in 2010, Regent Group’s Car Registration Services division was designed to enhance convenience and cost efficiency for all cars from all segments. Our services ranging from Car Insurance, Vehicle Registration, Claim Assistance, Accident Repair Assist etc.

With over 2000+ satisfied annual customers and 500+ Fleet and Commercial Companies that Regent Cars UAE caters to, the company believes in the Vision of executing what the customer desires through a professional and systematic manner. The Experts who assist you have years of experience and training that helps us accomplish our diligence with utmost quality.


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Vehicle Registration

Technical Testing

As per the UAE Law, any vehicle prior to being road legal has to undergo Vehicle Testing and receive an associated PASS Certificate. At Regent Cars UAE, our services range from Collection, Inspection for fitness of the vehicle, Inspection Test and much more. The team does a multi point inspection in prior to ensure the car is fit for the road and meets all criteria to be addressed during the Inspection:

Collection, Inspection and Drop Off of Vehicles

Vehicle Inspection Services

Vehicle Condition Inspection prior to test

Vehicle Repair Assistance for Testing

Home/ Office Delivery of Inspection Documents

Vehicle Insurance


Our Quotations are designed to provide you Best Vehicle Values along with the most Competitive Insurance Premiums and alternate quotes.


The structured Off Road and Race Track coverages designed to take limitations off your driving experience.


Competitive and Price Match Guaranteed insurance premiums for Fleet coverage of selective complimentary services by Regent Cars UAE


Special insurance schemes designed to cover OnBoard cargo for both International and National waters


Insurances designed to place your storage facilities and the stock held in case of any incidents such as fire, theft, natural calamities etc.


It is important for us that our family members and loved ones remain healthy and happy. Our Health insurance packages ensures it!

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